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Les Cailloux Estate : Lucien, André et Fabrice Brunel

André et Fabrice BRUNEL


The Brunel family settled in the Châteauneuf-du-Pape region during the 18th century. The Domaine’s name comes from the typical round pebbles found on this terroir, and have become part of the family tradition. The Domaine was created by Lucien Brunel, who inherited this wine-making land in 1954, but it’s his son André who at 22, heavily contributed to the Domaine’s renown by improving all the existing activities (vineyard and cellar work) and the techniques for maturing wines (maceration, destemming techniques) as well as the business growth.

Times are changing and today André is handing the reins over to his son Fabrice who is already very active in the Domaine life and who’s eager to contribute with his skills and passion

Published : 2013-08-30

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