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BIB is gaining deserved recognition

Bag In Box Rives d'Alcion André Brunel



BIB (for Bag In Box) is only moderately successful in France as it’s associated with an image of low-end wine, but it has a rapidly growing sector outside France. Impressed by its preservation qualities once open or for its practical aspect for carrying, it’s already monopolizing sales in countries like Norway or Sweden.

In France it’s often seen for the average summer rosé wines.

All the same, the BIB is beginning to see a rapid and sharp increase in recognition thanks to three levels of progress:

  • The quality of wines used: today it’s not unusual to see some crus in BIB - Côtes du Rhône, Sancerre, and Chablis are among the well-known appellations which are today thus marketed.
  • Production quality: much progress has been undertaken in regards to professional production practices.
  • Distribution channels : wine merchants now sell BIB

Don't hesitate to try a BIB. You may be surprised !

Published : 2013-11-07

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